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java Type – xml XSD

Java Type to xml XSD:

This link consists of xsd for the various java primitive type, objects like list,map,etc..,


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Java Properties

Standard System Properties

Property Name Description Java Version
file.encoding The character encoding for the default locale 1.1
file.encoding.pkg The package that contains the converters that handle converting between
local encodings and Unicode
file.separator The platform-dependent file separator (e.g., “/” on UNIX, “\” for Windows) 1.0
java.class.path The value of the CLASSPATH environment variable 1.0
java.class.version The version of the Java API 1.0
java.compiler The just-in-time compiler to use, if any. The java interpreter provided
with the JDK initializes this property from the environment variable JAVA_COMPILER.
java.home The directory in which Java is installed 1.0 The directory in which java should create temporary files 1.2
java.version The version of the Java interpreter 1.0
java.vendor A vendor-specific string 1.0
java.vendor.url A vendor URL 1.0
line.separator The platform-dependent line separator (e.g., “\n” on UNIX, “\r\n” for
1.0 The name of the operating system 1.0
os.arch The system architecture 1.0
os.version The operating system version 1.0
path.separator The platform-dependent path separator (e.g., “:” on UNIX, “,” for Windows) 1.0
user.dir The current working directory when the properties were initialized 1.0
user.home The home directory of the current user 1.0
user.language The two-letter language code of the default locale 1.1 The username of the current user 1.0
user.region The two-letter country code of the default locale 1.1
user.timezone The default time zone 1.1


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Install Hibernate tool in eclipse

For Helios:

type or copy the above URL in the eclipse –>help –>Install New Software

Paste the URL in the work with field and click enter

For More Details:

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