Java-Naming conventions

Why Naming Standard..?

Easy to read for both the code developer and also  to other programmer

Easily find and fix the bug

Types of cases: R  ‘4’

Lower case:

Ex: hellojava

ApplicableTo: packages

Upper case:


ApplicableTo: Constant

Camel @ Upper CamelCase:

Ex: HelloJava

ApplicableTo: class, Interface, Variables

Mixed@  Lower CamelCase :

Ex: helloJava

ApplicableTo: methods,


  •  For interface the coder can append I before the name of the interface ie) IClonable
  • For constant having 2 words it is seperated by ‘_’  (underscore) ie)  CONSTANT_OF_PARAM
  • For package name for application it may be  ie) com.companyname.clientapplicationname

Comments in Java:

There are 3 types of comments in java namely

/* For methods ,variables  definition */

/** For documentation  purposes*/   

//for single line user command  

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